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A unique way to live.

L ú a  is an exclusive private residential community that perfectly incorporates the contemporary with the traditional, being a timeless space unique in its style. It is located in a privileged zone surrounded by historical vestiges that emphasize and make us remember the great culture that forms part of the white Mérida.
With more than 4 hectares of terrain; appreciate the beauty of nature, walk barefooted over the green areas, admire the water mirrors, breathe fresh air, disconnect from the world; can be some reasons why you will love living in Lúa.

Meet Lúa

One more attraction

Mérida is surrounded by a single beauty; rich in culture and captivating traditions. A city that provides life and security quality.
The geographic location is one more attraction of the city; within a few minutes of the beach and a few kilometers of archaeological sites. In Lúa you will find a unique way to live and enjoy of the pleasures that its environment offers.  

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What you don´t know about Lúa

  •  Lúa means “moon” in Galician; an astronomical object that shines above all: an elite space. From there the name of Lúa.
  • The historical vestiges that dress the private residential have more that 100 years of antiquity. Creating an unique space.
  • Santa María Yaxche Is considered as a cultural heritage in the city of Mérida; where Lúa Elite Residence is located.